Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the question to see the answer! If you can’t find answer to your question, be sure to ask on our Discord server!

We are a relatively new semi-vanilla whitelisted server. Even though the server only opened on 19th of October this year, already have 80+ active members from previous communities and friends! Our long-term plan is to create a friendly and active environment for everyone who wants to enjoy the game with other people, like it was meant to be played.

We have quite a few smaller addons to enhance performance and user experience as well as allow the staff team to work without issues! These tools also ensure players won’t ever have to worry about griefing, stealing, etc. 

  • BlueMap & Dynmap – See the entire world online! 
  • Phantom Repellent Potions – Gives an hour of peace from Phantoms.
  • Night Accelerator – If 20% of the online active players are asleep, the night will be rapidly accelerated. 
  • Lava Sponges – Use Crying Obsidian to soak up lava!
  • Dragon Egg Achievement – Gain the ‘The Next Generation’ achievement by killing all mob types in the end.
  • Head Vouchers & /heads – Buy custom decorative player heads from the head database menu
  • Discord bridge – Access the server chat through a Discord channel. (donator)
  • Coloured Signs – Give your signs extra look with colours! (donator) 
  • Coloured Item Names & Lores – Using /rename and /lore players can customize their items! (donator) 
  • Armour Stand Modifier – Use the infamous HermitCraft book to modify your armour stands! 
  • Enderdragon Drop – Upon killing the Dragon for the first time for every player, an Elytra and 70 levels are given.
  • Husk Sand Drop – Kill Husks for a few pieces of sand. This makes the resource renewable. 
  • Universal Dye-ing – Recolour coloured items such as wool, concrete or terracotta. 
  • Classic Fishing Loot – Restores the loot tables of fishing to the previous version’s. 
  • Double Shulker Drops – Killing a Shulker will drop double the default loot.
  • Mob & Player Heads – Murdering animals and players has a small chance of their heads being dropped. 
  • Silence Mobs – Rename any mob to ‘Silence Me’ to mute them. 
  • Sponge Crafting – Craft Sponges with 8 Gold Blocks and a Puffer Fish in the middle. 
  • [item] & [inv] & [ec] – Show case your held item, inventory or enderchest to everyone on the server!
  • /coords – View your current coordinates in both dimensions. Useful for linking portals.
  • /trashcan – Delete useless items easily.
  • /emojis – Use some neat emotes in chat. 
  • /editsign – Shift-right-click on signs to modify them.
  • /sit & /lay /crawl /sittoggle – Perform various in game actions. 
  • /pvp – Toggle your PvP status. 
  • /vote /vtop – Help us get new players and receive some small rewards! 
  • /afk – Set your AFK status to let others know you’re away.
  • /nick – Change your chat name (donator)
  • /messages – Change your join and leave messages! (donator) 
  • /hats – Wear cosmetic hats. (donator) 
  • /particles – Create fancy particles around you! (donator) 
  • /playtop  &/playtime – Check your and others’ play times statistics as well as a leaderboard.


We have our own dedicated server computer hosted by Hetzner. The main server has 16GB RAM allocated with unlimited CPU usage. The computer’s specs are as follows:

  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i9-9900K Octa-Core
  • RAM: 128 GB DDR4
  • Hard Drive: 2 x 1 TB NVMe SSD (software RAID 1)
  • Guaranteed bandwidth: 1 GBit/s
  • Current Uptime: 99.86%
  • Location: Germany
We also have an 1TB off-site backup archive where we store daily backups to ensure corruptions or hardware failure cannot cause issues.

We have people from all over the world! Mainly from Europe and US though.

The server usually peaks around 19:00-22:00 UTC. As of January of 2021, we usually have 10-15 concurrent players online. Similarly, we have 30-40 daily unique logins and about 80 active players.

Voicechats are quite active. We have a channel just for music, two regular voice channels and chill one just to hang out and be together.

We often have community projects (Such as the building of the netherhub, spawn, shopping district), minigame events and more! Here some pictures some projects and fun moments!

It’s no secret that running and developing a server isn’t free. Every month we save up the donations until we reach our donation goal. which can be seen below. If that’s completed, we use the rest of the donations to invest in better softwares or resources. 100% of the income is invested back in the server.

  • Dedicated server: €45
  • Off-site backups: €11
  • Webhosting: 4€ 

Total: ~60€

You can support the financially server by subscribing to a tier on Patreon.

Ranks and extras give all kinds of different perks. All of them follow the EULA and keep the game fair for everyone. To view them, simply click on the package on the store.


All shops must: (for a full list, check out our rules page)

  • Be reasonable in size and theme
  • Follow minimum prices
  • Keep proper stock
  • The shopping district consists of two kinds of areas.

The area within 30 blocks from the main road.

Here, players are only allowed to make smaller shops (15 by 15 and 10 blocks high at most) and would have to match the style of the area around it (medieval mostly)

The area outside of the main road
Here, players are allowed to build shops with any size or theme within reason.

Should you pick a spot for you shop in either of the areas, you’ll have to:

  • Open our dynmap and screenshot the area
  • Highlight your desired plot area with an application such as Photoshop or
  • Open a ticket on our Discord in #need-help
  • Post your screenshot with the highlighted area in the ticket and wait for staff’s approval.

Voting is a completely free way to support the server. Server listing website rank servers depending on how many votes they have. Players can vote every 24 hours. In return, we give our players several fun rewards.

  • Head Vouchers (/heads in game to get access to 30k+ custom heads)
  • Phantom Repellent Potions (Gives you one hour of immunity against Phantom attacks)

In order to vote, simply click these links (/votes), enter your username, fill the CAPTCHA and click submit! If you did it correctly, a message should appear in game. If your account is not on the server, your votes will be queued until you log on the server.

Vote every day consistently to receive bigger rewards overtime!