Brightside Rules

Chat Rules

1) Don’t be edgy. No racism, homophobia, transphobia, slurs, offensive jokes, etc. Use common sense when posting.
2) Don’t self-promote anything by default. (Ask for permission!)
3) Don’t bring personal drama on the server. Try to resolve it in direct messages and ask for help if you can’t.
4) Don’t mini-mod.
5) Don’t take part or provoke arguments.
6) Do keep chat English.
7) Do read the channel topics!
8) Do keep your Discord nick as your in game name.
9) Do follow the Discord ToS These rules apply to both in game and on Discord. ⁣

Gameplay Rules

1) Don’t use any kind of exploit aside from TNT duplicating. You may ask staff to break bedrock for you in #need-help.
2) Don’t use any unfair modifications or addons. If you’re unsure whether something is considered unfair, ask!
3) Don’t grief, steal, pvp without consent.
4) Don’t create farms which lag the server.
5) It’s allowed for everyone to have 2 alt accounts. Get them verified in #need-help. ⁣

Spawn & Shopping District Rules

1) Don’t build bases on the main spawn island. 
2) Ask for staff’s approval before building decoration. #spawn
3) Leave 5 blocks from the main road before starting on your plot to allow for decoration.
4) Shops within 30 blocks from the main road must not exceed 15x15x10. Shops outside this radius can be any size within reason.
5) All shops must follow the minimum prices. Items which are not mentioned on the page can be sold for any price.
6) To create a shop, open a ticket in #need-help, take a picture of the area on the map and highlight the area where you want to build. Then wait for a staff member to approve the location. ⁣

Minimum Prices

      Top tier books are any maxed level enchantment. (Such as Efficiency V, Fortune III, Mending) – Low tier books are anything that is not maxed. For tools and armour make sure to include the base price of the item as well as the enchantments. For Netherite, also make sure to include the Netherite ingot.

1x Top tier books

3 diamonds

1x Low tier books

1 diamonds

1x Unenchanted Diamond Swords1 diamonds
1x Unenchanted Diamond Pickaxe2 diamonds
1x Unenchanted Diamond Axe2 diamonds
1x Unenchanted Diamond Shovel0.5 diamonds
1x Unenchanted Diamond Helmet3 diamonds
1x Unenchanted Diamond Chestplate7 diamonds
1x Unenchanted Diamond Leggings5 diamonds
1x Unenchanted Diamond Boots2 diamonds
1x Beacon / Nether Star40 diamonds
1x Wither Skeleton Skull10 diamonds
1x Conduits / Heart of the Sea20 diamonds
1x Shulker Box

2 diamonds

64x Emeralds1 diamond
64x Iron Blocks3 diamonds
1x Totems of Undying4 diamonds
1x Netherite Ingot25 diamonds
1x Elytra20 diamonds
1x Trident20 diamonds
1x Shulker Shell1 diamond